“The world is waiting... and I am ready.”

ENGAGED in the world

“I love being part of this.”

Engaged in my community

“I want to be the best I can.”

Engaged in the pursuit of excellence

“I get that 'from those to whom much is given, will much be required'.”

Engaged in the search for a deeper meaning

“We’re learning that everything around us
tells a story.”

Engaged in the world

“I want to make the most of my opportunities.”

Engaged in my future

Inspired at Grammar

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Jonathon Yates

Inspired to Excel

Kostas Rind Award
for intellectual prowess, independent mind and compassion

Inspired Culturally

Solo violinist with Ballarat Symphony Orchestra

Inspired Academically

Invited to attend National Mathematics Summer School - Canberra

Molly Calvert
Year 12

Inspired to Commit

Butterfly Foundation

Inspired to Serve

Outstanding Community Service

Determination & Grit

Eagle Award for Exemplary Resilience

Catherine Zhao
Year 6

Inspired to Strive

Swimming and

Inspired to Serve

Helping Younger Students

Inspired to Excel

All-Round Academic High Achiever

Thomas Williams
Year 12

Inspired to Perform

Piano and

Inspired to Serve

Giving Back to Community

Inspired to Strive

High Aspirations

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“We look to a positive future from a proud tradition. We build relationships based on warmth, respect and trust. We are passionate about learning and we strive for personal excellence in all areas of our lives. We want to achieve academic success, knowing that it takes hard work over a long period of time…”

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